Does my first speeding ticket increase my auto insurance rate?

Does my first speeding ticket increase my auto insurance rate?

I just got my first speeding ticket, and I'-m really worried about the insurance rate ! The ticket says 60 on 30 limited area, so yeah 30mph over the limit ! also they were not using any detector as on the ticket says, can I go to the court say they made a mistake?! lol I'-m living in MA FYI.


YES, your insurance will go up.. HOWEVER.. IF they have NO proof, then... you might want to use that as your defense.. if they have NO proof, then how do they know you were 30 over the speed limit. BUT.. Morally, if YOU knew you were doing the 30mph over, You knew the consequences of your actions.


A 30+ over speeding ticket would add at least 4 points to your license.So yes, you'd have an increased insurance rate.


Your insurance is going to go up if you are convicted of driving DOUBLE the speed limit.Depending on your age and previous driving experience the amount of the increase may be a little to something that will require you to have a seat.Your best bet is a proactive one and fight the ticket. It wont cost you extra and if you present a good case but still lose the judge may reduce the extent of the violation to, say, 10 mph over the posted limit. EIther way you can't get worse - right?Once you get the points your insurance will be high(er) for about 3 years while that violation rolls off your record.



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