Does my son still covered under my auto insurance if he moves out of state?

Does my son still covered under my auto insurance if he moves out of state?

My son (Age 22) was here in Ohio as a student. I had bought him a car (the car is in my name) and he is covered under my insurance. However, now he is moving to Durham for higher studies and taking the car with him. The car still will be in my name and I want him to be on my insurance until he is 25. What should I do in this situation. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.ThaknsRam


If the car will be in North Carolina full time, you will have to talk to your insurance company about keeping him under your policy. Insurance requirements in North Carolina may be different than those in Ohio. You will also have to check to make sure that they are either both no-fault or tort states for crashes and what limits are allowed or required.Your best bet is to talk with an insurance agent and explain the situation.


yes he does!Source(s):the rooster



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