Does the auto insurance law be carry inside the car at all times?

Does the auto insurance law be carry inside the car at all times?

I was drinving my vehicle the other day and I noticed that I left the auto insurance at home. It was good that did not get stopped by a police officer for any other reason. Then , this is the question: By law is mandatory to have auto insurance, unless the person does not drive his/her won vehicle but, is there any law that says that the auto insurance MUST be carry at all times inside the vehicle?

As already stated, it depends on what state you are in. There even are two states that don't require you to have insurance at all (not for long as I hear).Source(s):i just know


You have to always carry proof of insurance on you while you're driving.Same with your license and vehicle registration.


YesSource(s):Dons Auto Service


Some states require proof of insurance be carried, others do not. For example, in Maryland, you are required to have insurance, but not required to have the card with you. In other states, you are required to have proof.Source(s):30 years in the auto business



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