Does the dmv check your insurance policy?

Does the dmv check your insurance policy?

I am buying a car and, in Texas, you have to have insurance for the car before buying it and taking it home. What I'-m wondering is does the dmv actually check the insurance policy to validate it or do they just want to see the card itself.I'-m not doing anything illegal, nor do I plan so please don'-t give me lectures on ethics.


Usually many auto insurers have a desk right in the dealers showroom to insure you right there and then with your own set of plates and everything. Buying privately, you better have the insurance in hand(timing is everything and wouldn't you know it, you got caught in an inspection by the police at the time you are not legal. Slam bam thank you ma'am you are in jail and paying a hefty fine if you are lucky(or maybe their drug sniffing dogs picked up a scent inside your car....they(the cops) will tear the car apart. Just your luck to buy a car from a member of the Mexican cartel.. It is on your head.DMV are only interested in serial numbers and license plates.Just to let you know it is the cops you gotta watch out for.


Sorry, but if you show them an insurance card that is not for the car you are purchasing, you are doing something illegal. No way to deny that. Call your agent and ask how you go about this.



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