Does the insurance have a set time to settle a claim?

Does the insurance have a set time to settle a claim?

I was backed into in a parking lot. The kid driving was driving his mom'-s car. The mother has insurance on the car but I don'-t think the kid has car insurance. Every time I call the insurance company (Direct Auto), they say they are still wating on a statement from the kid. Also, is it true that in TN, if you are living under the same roof as your parents then you have to be on their car insurance?


The OTHER person's insurance has NO duty of good faith towards you.It IS true in TN, that if you do not list your child on your auto insurance policy, and they have an accident, they are not covered under your insurance. There's no "free insurance" for your teens, by just not listing them.


If all you do is to call them on the phone, and the kid does not make a statement, then they do not pay you, anything, ever.They do pay if you so the kid or the mother, and you win. If you sue only the insurance company, they do not pay. If you only make phone calls and do not sue anyone, then they do not pay, unless the kid makes the statement.



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