Does the insurance offer automatically retracted when we go to court?

Does the insurance offer automatically retracted when we go to court?

Thank you for your help in advance. Got into an auto accident. The insurance company offer less than the actual medical expense. After negotiation failed, I suit the other party and the lawyer from their insurance company is handling the case for them. My question is: is the original offer from the insurance company still on the table now that we are going to court?


The offer is void, the second you refuse it.Also, they will NEVER offer more than the policy limit. If you go to court and win, the insurance company will pay the policy limit, and your lawyer takes his cut first - meaning you could have even LESS money towards the medical bills than that prior offer.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


Generally in most courts if judgment is found in favor of the plaintiff the minimum amount that can be awarded is the amount that the defendant offered to settle out of court.This comes from "You offered x dollars to not go to court, so you have to pay x dollars"


The company will make you more offers esp. when you are sitting outside waiting to go into the courtroom. Get a good lawyer/ negotiator.


As a claim adjuster I can tell you that on any of our files if the person declines our offer then that offer is withdrawn and we go back to zero. Even if they don't sue, once they decline the offer it is perfectly legit for the offer to be withdrawn. I have never been told by a court that I would be held to any of my previous offers once a lawsuit is filed.Source(s):Claim adjuster for way too long.



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