Does uninsured driver insurance cover a hit and run in California?

Does uninsured driver insurance cover a hit and run in California?

Hi! My car was smashed by a hit and run driver (fortunately I was not in it). Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the police are going to find them. I only have liability insurance.I have found several anecdotal accounts of people in California having their uninsured driver insurance, included in liability, cover damage to the vehicle caused by a hit and run. A lawyer also told me this is the case (he was not soliciting my business but happened to be passing by when I found my wrecked car). My insurance company told me that in California, uninsured driver insurance only covers KNOWN uninsured drivers, and if they don'-t know who hit you, you'-re out of luck.Does anybody know if there is some legal loophole I can throw at the insurance company or anything? Or is this kind of thing at the insurance company'-s discretion? I don'-t know how other people could have gotten paid for their cars in this situation if it'-s really not required by law. Thank you.


If you only have liability then unless you can provide some sort of proof as to hit your car you're out of luck. In order to have coverage for something like that you need comprehensive or collision insurance in addition to basic PL&PD.As stated before too many people have simply had a friend wreck their car or had an accident themselves and tried to collect on it.


Most insurance companies in California offer Uninsured/Under insured coverage as additional coverage that you pay an additional (modest) premium for just like Comp and Collision. You are very foolish if you don't carry it with all the illegal aliens, etc on the road.Since you elected to only carry Liability coverage you're on your own for the repairs to your car. If you had taken this coverage it would have covered the damage done by a hit & run driver, at least the carrier I use would have. Your insurance agent gave you incorrect information. Sorry.


i live in the state of indiana- even if your have uninsured motorist on your policy, unless you can ID the responsible party, you cannot file an uninsured property damage claim on your auto- this is by statute-its a catch 22- if you cant ID, you dont have a claim- the point is, you cant ID someone, so you cant go after someone- get it-but if you were in the auto and injured, then it does not apply for uninsured injuries-my feeling is that this was created because too many people reported damages to their auto for unknown reasons and wanted to file under uninsured property damages, so they said you had to ID the responsible party and if not, you had no claim-



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