Driving a car 3000 miles away from where its registered?

Driving a car 3000 miles away from where its registered?

So my dad lives in new hampshire and he has 3 cars all registered to him, I need a car and he is offering me one of his cars. I live in British Columbia canada, where the mafia also known as ICBC wants to charge me a ridiculous price for insurance and load me up with a bunch of restrictions because I am a new driver ( only 1 passanger, have to have a huge NEW DRIVER SIGN on the back blah blah ) for TWO years!! I want to know if I can go down to new hampshire, get a NH lisence, get the car registered under my name, complete the annual inspection and drive the car over to BC and use it here for the next year until my plates expire and I am forced to import the car and register the car in BC. I think I can do this because TECHNICALLY I do have a residency in NH, and I have proof of this residency. Right now I am just about to complete the "-L"- stage in BC and get my "-N"- which will allow me to drive by myself, I plan to convert this N lisence into a NH lisence.


Sounds like a plan to me


You have 3 months to drive with your NH plate in BC.if you plan to stay in BC.on a permanent basis. After 3 months you are obligated to register your car in the province you are in and get a license issued in by that province.This applies to Canadian citizens and I don't know the rules for Americans.No matter what there will be a duty tax to pay on that car unless it's registered to you in NH.If not,as soon as you register it to your name in BC,you'll pay applicable taxes +a duty tax for importing a car.However/if your dad's insurance is ok with it you can drive that car in BC with NH plates for as long as the plates are valid and your dad owns the car.


When you purchase a NH auto policy, you MUST sign what is called a residency form (which actually came about from people living in Boston, MA & registering their vehicles in NH, which is closeby). This form says that you actually LIVE in NH and if you leave NH you MUST notify your insurance, therefore you MUST cancel the policy & register & insure it where you live. If you sign this form & live in BC, this is misrepresentation and will make your policy NULL & VOID. So, suck it up, register & insure your vehicle in BC & get a BC license. The restrictions on young drivers there sounds like it makes a lot of sense.


I don`t know about Canadian Law but in the USA that's considered insurance Fraud. If you get caught and convicted of same you will be way way older when are again able to obtain insurance and the rates then? You Don`t want to know!My very best advice to you is Pay the extra bucks like everyone else had to for a while. Consider this: although you will have a fraudulently obtained document stating "INSURED" If you- God Forbid should wind up in an accident, your fault or not and the investigators discover your Insurance Fraud?( and they will as its their job to investigate) well for startersyour ( all ) insurance has within the contractual agreement a fraud clause* meaning THEY WILL NOT HONOR YOUR CLAIM in any way, then DUDE YOUR GETTING A CELL as insurance fraud is a FELONY! So as I see it? pay your dues like everyone else or perhaps the prison parole board has a discount for 1st time auto insurance fraud *Felons. OH n BTW if you think its tough to pay a few bucks extra for insurance for a little while? Try backing it up with Oh I am a convicted FELON for auto insurance fraud ( that title lasts for your entire lifetime. There have been people Barred from driving for their entire lifetime for such actions... I know a few bucks sounds like such a big deal but rem what the law says* it is a privilege not a right to drive a motor vehicle...Source(s):I know it sucks sometimes but there are no shortcuts nor fast fixes to anything worth having in life~ good luck in making the right decision!



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