Drove drunk and a car accident, need help finding car insurance in Ontario, Canada?

Drove drunk and a car accident, need help finding car insurance in Ontario, Canada?

I'-m currently a G1 class driver and I got into a car accident in January (Crashed a car because i drove drunk but i told the insurance company i had only one beer and was normal), and I got my license back a few weeks ago. Right now I'-m having difficulty trying to find an auto insurance company so I could get my G2 so could anyone help me PLEASE?! I DESPERATELY NEED THIS, I LEARNED MY LESSON.


No you cannot get a new G1. When you applied for your G1 a license number was assigned to you. That number stays with you in the province of Ontario for life. So anything you did under that license number stays with you. Even if you were to let your license lapse for 20 years when you went to get your license back you would get the same number.I'm assuming you're male and that you live in Toronto. You are a residual market risk because of the number of years licensed and the at fault accident back in January of this year. That means you only qualify for the high risk market. In the high risk market there is Perth Insurance, Jevco Insurance and the Facility Association which is the insurer of last resort for high risk drivers ((I work with all three companies) ). I quickly ran a quote for an 18 year old single male with a G1 license and an accident in January 2010, and I used a 1990 Chevrolet Cavalier 4 Dr as the vehicle. For the minimum coverages required by law in Ontario the Facility Association is the cheapest and their premium is $9,040 for the year. Of course I also noticed you mentioned you got your license back. Was your license suspended? Was it because you were convicted of violating your G1 restriction of having zero alcohol in your system? If you were convicted of that offense your premium would now be $17,826. If you lived outside of Toronto the premium may be cheaper, but we'd be talking about being several hundred cheaper (not several thousand). The accident affects your record for six years (so you have something to look forward to in January, 2016). Convictions affect your record for three years from the date of conviction (not the date of the offense).Source(s):Ontario broker


your going to have a very very very hard time


I Googled "ontario high risk auto" and got 352,000 hits- there must be something in there for you! You didn't give your age, but I'm guessing you're a teenager, and that's probably working against you very heavily. Just keep calling around and you should find something, though you may not like the price.



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