Emergency Roadside Assistance(ERA) in my auto insurance policy vs. or do I get AAA?

Emergency Roadside Assistance(ERA) in my auto insurance policy vs. or do I get AAA?

I was speaking with AAA about auto insurance and she advised me not to get ERA but to buy a AAA membership. Granted, I have to consider the fact that works for AAA, but she said that ERA is bad because if you use it, it counts as a claim and could affect your renewal price or if you switch providers they may use that to charge you more $. ERA costs me about $35/year and AAA is about $65 (although you did get "-more"-). Any thoughts? Is here "-claim"- claim something valid? Thanks!


I get my roadside assistance thru my cell phone provider att at 2.99moverizon has the same for 2.99 mo. I have also had mine through AAA and thru my insurance carrier USAA.The only noteable difference I found is that if you travel AAA gives discounts at hotels, I think it is 10% or something, and if you travel alot then the extra cost for AAA might be offset by that discount. I have found all 4 provide the same 5 mile towing (I think the basic is 5mi) OR to the next service station or repair shop, all came relatively quickly. If I was you, I would call another insrance company and ask them about that statement that AAA told you, I am unaware of that. My rates never changed while using mine through my insurance company, but them again I did not change insurance companies. I dont give my money to AAA because they ripped me off when one of thier insureds totalled my car out and they were horrid.


I have AAA road side assistance, it's very cheap, i think it's $40 for 6 months. I have only used it once so far but it's great, they were there as soon as they could we were in the middle of who knows where in a road trip and they found us and took us to the nearest dealer. Plus you get discounts from Hotels and other neat stuff. I really recommend it, what i don't recommend is buying their insurance...it's too expensive.


watch this video for your answer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRJGd3p2tcQ&feature=channel_page



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