Every city has an annoying local business commercial! In my city its "Amazing Trifecta!" What is it in yours?

Every city has an annoying local business commercial! In my city its "Amazing Trifecta!" What is it in yours?

In Cleveland this guy has the most annoying voice on this commercial for an auction that sells houses, cars and furniture. In Chicago, it was Eagle Insurance'-s Eagleman! What the generic advertisement in your area that drives you crazy?


around Northern Iowa, we have a company that repairs dents and dings in cars...called Droste's. They have a guy dressed in overalls and fake goofy teeth in screaming Droste's Does Dents every two seconds in that commercial. Very annoying!


The annoying chick Jennifer who used to do commercials for Century 3 Chevrolet in Pittsburgh.


GARY MARTIN HAYES.. WE MEAN BUSINESS!a lawyer said sternly needed all caps to stress


Toledo, OhioIt's a tie. One is "Roth Furs, Dooowntooown." The guy goes on for at least three minutes (yes, in a commercial) about all the furs he has, and is talking about his models. So annoying.The other is for Rose Autos. The guy in the commercial gives all his salespeople nicknames, like Tex, and pats them on the back while they do thumbs-up or gun hands. It's way cheesy.



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