Experiences regarding CURE auto insurance company?

Experiences regarding CURE auto insurance company?

Hello !I recently obtained a quote from CURE auto car insurance company ( www.cure.com ) and it seemed decent. Before I buy my insurance, I have one or two questions :Does any body have any kind of good or bad experiences with CURE ? Did they help regarding any kind of accidents/claims etc ? Did they try to rip you off ever ?Also, it seems like they mainly operate in NJ and PA, but do they have offices across the rest of the USA ? Please let me know ! Thanks a lot !


CURE Auto Insurance offers 12 month policies, so disregard Ken's statement that they will give you a low rate and start charging you more once you are insured with them. They cannot adjust your rate, even if you have an accident, until your 12 months are up. Also, most insurers offer accident forgiveness, so I wouldn't worry too much about not being eligible for continued coverage. CURE has been around since 1990, and one of the founders was the NJ Insurance Commissioner, so it is safe to assume that you are dealing with a reputable insurer. After looking at the NJ Department of Banking and Insurance they only showed having one valid complaint, as opposed to Gieco at 19 and Allstate at 44.Also, based on their business model they do not use agents or brokers, so their costs should be less when compared to other companies who do.Source(s):www.cure.comhttp://www.state.nj.us/dobi/division_consumers/pdf/complaintranking10.pdf


stay away from these "foofnick" companys/the are by and large ripoffs/they quote you low and then once you pay they adjust "up"/go local in your area/google it and get in your zip codeSource(s):used car dlr nj


http://www.compareautoinsurance.com/the-…I never heard of this company and my 1st search only showed getting a quote online and stated no credit check, which made me think this is "high risk" insurance, but after finding the site I attached, found out it is just the opposite.They have an unusual approach in their quotes, which I think is quite remarkable. I can see in some cases, that some people could save considerably a lot if they have a good driving record.But the KEY with Cure is, that IF, you have a claim, they will not renew you,,,,period, since they only take people with good driving records and if you have a claim, then they get rid of the bad and only keep the good.You might want to also google Cure Auto complaints.good luck



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