Florida Auto Insurance Quotes Online, are they really safe?

Florida Auto Insurance Quotes Online, are they really safe?

Florida residents do you really think entering all your valuable personal information online for an auto insurance quote is really the safe way to obtain auto insurance?A local personalized auto insurance agent who you can pick up the phone and call or stop by their office sounds so much safer and personal.


Beth,I am an insurance agent, so expect a little bias on my part. By dealing with an agent, especially an independent agent, you have somebody that knows you on a personal level. When you call them, they can answer your questions, take your payments, get you what you need, fight for you when you have a problem, and be there for you every time you call. With an 800 number, you will likely never talk to the same person twice. There will not be anyone to advocate for you when something goes wrong. You won't be able to sit across a table from the person and have your policy explained to you.So, that's why I recommend an agent. An independent agent will have numerous insurance companies to choose from to get you the best coverage at the best possible price.If you do decide to look for insurance online, at least stay with reputable insurance companies. If you put your personal information on one of those generic websites that promise online quotes from multiple companies, you just might have bought a case of identity theft.Good luck in your search!Source(s):20 years as a licensed insurance agent.


Some people actually think it's more private, than going to a local agent.


I wouldnt bother online. Computers can't replace human judgement. You don't pay extra for the services of an agent. Every company has to use a distribution system, those with agents have online access too,but at least you get someone who does care about your situation and can give you personal advice.


I am a resident of Miami Florida and I can tell you first hand to be very careful entering any private information online. I have recently had my Identity stolen from entering my personal information which had to include my social security number for a free online auto insurance quote. Never again will I so easily be swayed to enter my personal information into the world wide web for all to see. My thoughts, there are people who can hack into anywhere online, do yourself a favor and try to limit the information you submit onto the web.I now currently have my florida auto insurance with Florida Auto Plus Insurance out of Miami Florida 1-877-WIZ-AUTOThey have been awarded Top Auto Insurance Agency in Florida.Check them out at http://www.FloridaAutoPlusInsurance.comBeth do yourself a favor and which ever company you choose to purchase your Florida Auto Insurance from just be sure you speak with a knowledgable auto agent who can fully assist you in purchasing only the insurance that fits your individual needs.Source(s):http://www.1-877-WIZ-AUTO.com



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