Has anyone had personal experience with Progressive Auto Insurance?

Has anyone had personal experience with Progressive Auto Insurance?

I have gotten several auto insurance quotes. Progressive is one of the lowest. But the lowest does not always equal the best service when an accident happens. Thank you for your answers.


I have been a claims adjuster for 20 years and trust me Progressive has the best claim servicve of any insurance company.In June of 2005 I was rear-ended by a progressive policyholder. I reported the claim to their home office and was told that a local adjuster would call me within 2 hrs to discuss the loss. They called me in approx 90 minutes. We agreed he could come and inspect the car the following morning. He called me from the parking lot and asked if I wanted to be there when he wrote the estimate, I declined as I written enough estimates over the years to know what he would include. When I went out for lunch there was a copy of the estimate, the check and info on how to get a rentasl car on the seat.They paid my claim in less than 24 hours and I'm not aware of any other company that can actually pull that off.Source(s):Claims adjuster for way too long.


i had progressive and they handled my claim pretty fast and had a good experience with them but i changed to american family to save $400 a year.


According to a friend whose cars are insured through Progressive, it's a decent company, and they have actual people (not recordings) answer your calls when you have a question or concern. I use Mercury, it's cheap but it's a hassle dealing with them. It's almost impossible to talk to a real human being when you have an issue.


There all the same. you're going to get screwed. So you might as well get the lowest price.


Picking one of the largest companies is always good. Plus, they are very fast with thier claims service and its not impossible to get in hold with your adjuster (some companies it seems you can NEVER reach them!)


Progressive is a good insurance company, they usually have a local adjuster in the area you live so if thier is an accident they are usually pretty quick to settle the claim, to see if they are really the lowest auto quote check out globalwideinsurance. com


We had Progressive for several years, and they never gave us a problem. We had it because of our motorhome. It is good covereage, but you pay for it as well. We switched to a better price insurance, but had to compromise on some of the motorhome coverage to do so. We never had any accidents, so I cannot tell you about how well or badly they pay up.Source(s):Our own use


I agree to you that the cheapest is not always the best....i suggest to get more options search for more quotes try sites like this http://www.nightbirdssolutions.com for easy and fast search....i hope that would help you on your search...



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