Has anyone taken the driving test at the Hanford CA dmv and passed? What do they ask you to do?

Has anyone taken the driving test at the Hanford CA dmv and passed? What do they ask you to do?

I work near the DMV in Porterville, and I can assume the tests are similar. My brother took his test here a few months back. They will basically make sure that you stop properly and look both ways before you go, make sure you use your signals before you turn, they will ask you to back up in a straight line, they might ask you to make a 3-point turn (turning left on a driveway, back up, and drive the other way), and many other things. I can'-t tell you which streets they use in Hanford though.You can go on YouTube, and the California DMV has 10 videos consisting of 10 reasons why people fail their driving tests. I suggest you check them out before you take them. They'-re very helpful, and they'-re the official DMV videos.BTW, if you'-re in need of auto insurance I can give you a good deal. Hit me up on my e-mail, so I can leave you my number.Source(s):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkf_NfEwZ…That'-s the first part, and subsequent parts are on the right side.


No one ever passed they all drive illegally there.


No one ever passed they all drive illegally there.



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