Have someone deal with this auto insurance companies in Canada? who do you recommend?

Have someone deal with this auto insurance companies in Canada? who do you recommend?

pcinsurance.cainsurancehotline.comkanetix.cacarinsurance.cabelairdirect.cominsuranceq.comlisted here http://autoinsurancecanada.info/canadian_auto_insurance_companies.htm


I reocommend RBC insurance, they were $400 dollars cheaper then the next guy. Just get a online insurance quote. I got one from http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…This compared all the major companies and gave me the 4 best prices!Hope that helpsSource(s):http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…


please try this help! Ask


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My two favorites, are Erie, and Merchants Mutual. They are both small regional carriers - they don't write nationwide, but do a GREAT job.You're right, online websites will harvest your personal information, and sell it as leads.

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Since I am no longer in the Personal Sales line of insurance I am willing to give up what was successful for me. I am lunch and learn seminars to different business on insurance. In order to gain x-dates and further interest from potential clients I held a raffle at the lunch and learn with...