Have someone deal with this auto insurance companies in Canada? who do you recommend?

Have someone deal with this auto insurance companies in Canada? who do you recommend?

pcinsurance.cainsurancehotline.comkanetix.cacarinsurance.cabelairdirect.cominsuranceq.comlisted here http://autoinsurancecanada.info/canadian_auto_insurance_companies.htm


I reocommend RBC insurance, they were $400 dollars cheaper then the next guy. Just get a online insurance quote. I got one from http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…This compared all the major companies and gave me the 4 best prices!Hope that helpsSource(s):http://www.auto-insurance-knowledge.com/…


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If your health insurance provider paid for anything that you received a settlement for, you owe it to them. They are not in business to pay for insurance that was already paid for by the car owner.Go through all of your insurance bills and see just how much they actually paid on your behalf...

Shopping for auto insurance in new mexico?
Check out esurance.com. Much lower rates in Cali than Geico, not sure about NM. Their billing is all online, so easy. Good luck.

Resolved Question Show me another » In what ways does buying a car affect auto insurance premiums?
The car affects the premium. New cars are worth more than cars several years old, so they cost more than older ones. High priced cars cost more because the potential loss is much greater than for that of lower priced cars. Sports cars cost more because they're supposed to have more accidents...

How do I make an auto insurance claim for scratches through auto owners?
I would settle out of pocket or pay for this yourself, each one of these scratches is a separate occurrence... which means for each scratch before your insurance will pay anything you have to pay your deductible for comprehensive/other that collision coverage. Typically this is $500 or so...

How to get prior registration certificates from DMV?
If you're in CA you can request your own information on your own cars by filling out this form:http://www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/inf/inf1125.…It costs $5This can be done in a DMV office or by mail, but not at an AAA Auto Club.Now, why don't you have the title to the car to show proof of ownership...