HELP - Moving from Ontario to Manitoba in a month?

HELP - Moving from Ontario to Manitoba in a month?

I have been working on this for a long time now, and no insurance company is making it easy for me.Background info:-Currently live in Toronto-Currently under my parent'-s auto insurance, as a secondary driver on their car-Relocating to Manitoba mid-June-Have full G license-Don'-t have Manitoba license-No relatives in Manitoba (my gf has a relative there)-Want to buy a car asap to use for the month that I'-m still in Toronto-Want to drive over to Manitoba (as a family road trip, then they fly back)Situation:-Don'-t want to sign a 6 month policy in Ontario then cancel it after a month (expensive due to penalties)-Tried calling Manitoba auto insurance companies, they won'-t cover me for the month that I'-m in Ontario. They won'-t even sign me up for Manitoba insurance at all since I don'-t have Manitoba license-From my research (correct me if I'-m wrong), Manitoba insurance is much cheaper than Ontario, so even though I found a company that will cover me for both Ontario and Manitoba, I don'-t want to sign up with them because they said they'-ll have to charge me the Ontario rate for the full 6 months.Any suggestions, or advice or recommendations about anything would be great.Also, if someone could explain how auto insurance works in Manitoba it'-d be great, I don'-t exactly understand the whole autopac policy and insurance policy and the separate driver and vehicle insurance rateas seen here!


Actually it isn't the lack of Manitoba licence that keeps you from getting Manitoba insurance, it is the fact you don't live in Manitoba yet. Once you have proof of residence, then you can get your licence and register and insure your vehicle, all at the same insurance broker.The driver insurance is on the driver licence, which means you have basic $200,000 liability coverage even if you don't have a vehicle, covers you if you happen to drive somebody else's vehicle and they don't tell you the insurance has been cancelled early. The insurance you get on the vehicle covers any properly licenced driver you give permission to, you don't have to list your girlfriend, for instance, as an occasional driver to let her drive once in a while.No Ontario company can sell you insurance for Manitoba. They can sell you insurance for Ontario, that is valid when your first move to Manitoba, to a maximum of 3 months.…



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