How a US permanent resident's WIFE living overseas can get a SSN or a TAX ID?

How a US permanent resident's WIFE living overseas can get a SSN or a TAX ID?

Hi every body,I'-m a married US permanent resident. My wife is overseas. Every year when I file my tax return, the IRS treat me as a single !! AND it is the same case, when I try to get an auto insurance policy.IS there any way to get a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER OR A TAX ID NUMBER for my wife ?Thank you in advance :)


No. She has no need and is not eligible.


If your wife is American why doesnt she have a SSN ?If she works and lives in another country you have to file as married filing single.I dont know what your wife has to do with your auto insurance if she lives abroad.


No you cannot ...she has to live in the US as a permanent resident to get a SSN ...


She might be eligible to have an ITIN:…



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