How are the procedures I should follow if I want to sell my car in California?

How are the procedures I should follow if I want to sell my car in California?

I am moving to another state, and am not taking this car with me. I wonder if there is any DMV rules and procedures that I should pay attention to?


First things first, do you need a smog certificate?When you sell a car, you must change the title to a new owner. When you do this through the DMV they will require proof of smog certification in the state of California unless your vehicle is:A hybridOlder than 1975Diesel poweredElectricPowered by natural gas and its Gross Vehicle Weight rating exceeds 14,001 poundsMotorcycleTrailerVesselBeing transferred between family membersIt is the sellers responsibility to have the vehicle smog certified, and the certification is good for 90 days after issue.One of the most important parts of selling a car is releasing your self of liability.This release absolves the seller of liability for the following after the transfer date:Traffic ticketsParking ticketsCivil litigation resulting from use of the vehicleRegistration renewal fees and penaltiesHere is your form.…What you’ll need to fill it out:A Description of the vehicleLicense plate numberVehicle identification numberVehicle makeYear modelNew owners name and addressVehicle odometer reading as of transfer dateSellers or lessee’s name and addressThe legal transfer of the vehicle requires the signature of the selling owner, releasing ownership. It is important to note that the seller is responsible for completing the above Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability within 5 days of the date of the transfer.Source(s):923


Your biggest concern is going to be making sure that the car gets transferred out of your name and into someone else's. If not, you can start collecting tickets (or accidents) which will be very hard to defend (or pay) when you are not even in the general tho...1) find a buyer.. since you are leaving town, best to make sure of the funds first.2) Have the buyer fill in the tear off portion of the title certificate that you have. You get this.. If you are not sure about his honesty on this check his ID.3) You must include the current mileage of the car in the space provided.4) Prepare a bill of sale (2 originals) which outlines the terms of the sale.. both of you sign it.5) You sign the certificate and the new owner gets one copy of the bill of sale, the signed off ownership certificate, the current registration papers, and (of course) the keys.6) You mail the filled in portion to the DMV.7) Wait a day and then call and cancel your insurance on the an alternate, you both meet at the DMV, go in and make the transfer there. That way you are assured that you are no longer responsible for the auto. If you are a member of AAA you can also go to some of their offices and do it there (less of a wait).good luck....



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