How can a 42 year old female with a Degree in Business earn more than $24,000 annual.?

How can a 42 year old female with a Degree in Business earn more than $24,000 annual.?

I live in chicago. I am just getting my life back in order after years of a few bad circumstances. I have a Bachelors degree in Business Management but I make only $24,000 annual. How can I find a career/job making over $40,000 so that I can live like a real adult my age should? I have 10 years experience in the auto insurance industry working in a underwriting support department and two years experience as a claim adjuster trainee.


My question is how can a 42 year old with a business degree be working and only making $24K? I am significantly younger than you and earn multiple times that with bachelor's in business.Get your resume together, start making contacts, reply to job postings, meet some headhunters, and get to work...


Existing:Email me from my profile and I will send you information. I do not want to do this here on this screen because I do not want to disclose my geographical location.If I do not hear from you then best of luck to you and keep up the "change" for the better - Good for you!


Find a rich boy friend and get married.


Fix up your resume, be confident and look for that job you want. Network. I am in school (now) full time and I make what you make.Networking is a good way to find out about those jobs that don't advertise. Keep Searching


Im from Chicago NW suburbs. That is even below par considering the living expense. If you have experience in the insurance business, sales is a promising industry. You may not make money for the first 3 months until you close some deals and build a client base if you are strict commision. I would reccomend going into an entry management position for a solid company. Again, you may not make a lot off the bat, but you will have a change at advancement. There are job search engines such as and In my experience, it is not likely to get a good job from there,I would talk to friends and aquaintances to see if you could network and see if you can place yourself anywhere. I heard a statistic in class (not sure of the source) but 60% of jobs are through networking rather than blind shots in the dark. This is true in my experience as the past 4 jobs I had were from friends, or fraternity brothers.You could also find a company that offers paid education. I am not sure how much of your life you want to spend in school but a masters degree could always make you more marketable.


I'm kind of like you. I'm 40 with a MS in Computer Science and only make $34,000. My low income is geographical though and Chicago should have lots of business.1. Get a killer resume. (Your resume is an advertisement for yourself so highlight your accomplishments)2. Determine your minimum salary as $40,000 ~ most employers will increase it if they like you.3. Send it to 100 companies that would have the means to pay you this salary.Not trying to be rude but....... why where you a claim adjuster trainee for two years? I'd just say you were a claim adjuster and skip the training part.Source(s):Planning on doing the same thing very soon!!! I want $40,000 or more too.


I have a Free ebook you might be interested in reading. It certainly applies to all types of businesses. The basic topic is skills in marketing and communications. I am also reading "Think And Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill.I have started my own network marketing business and this ebook helped me to know what to look for as I chose my company so that I would have the skills for success.I do understand your issue. I live in a college town where have a bachelors degree really isn't that valuable. There are people with doctor's degrees working part-time for $20,000 per year. I have both a bachelors in business administration/marketing and an education degree.The free ebook is Success In 10 Steps and can be found at http://BrendaBunneyMLM.comIf you would like "Think and Grow Rich" in a PDF file, I can email it to you.Be a Mentor, Build Relationships, Help OthersBrenda BunneySource(s):Blog: http://MLMSuccessBunney.comEbook:


Hi, You may want to try an at home business. I partnered with a company about 8 months ago. I am very pleased with them. They are a member of the BBB which is important to me because of all the scams out there. I do not have to stock inventor,sell prod nor do I have to take orders or deliver anything. I do not even have to collect any money or deal with the bad checks. did that, not again. If you want more information let me know. This may give you another option to take a look at.



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