How can I become a licenced insurance agent in California?

How can I become a licenced insurance agent in California?

I am 21yrs old and I just resigned from my CSR position at Farmers insurance in Los angeles, CA. I started working at the agency March 2011 and just resigned 2 months ago. I started my employment as an intern, granted 150hrs. My hard work led to my permanent hireing at the agency. My starting position was office assistant. Within 2 months, I was promoted to Customer Service Rep. CS was not the only type of work I did. I am a fast learner, which is why my boss made the decision to teach me a few things about auto insurance. Within another 4 months, I was quoting autos myself and reaching out to new potential clientele. I want to know if its possible for me to become licensed and how do I go about getting licensed. My boss did bring up the license possibility, but at that moment, I wasn'-t so sure if I wanted to do it. What are the advantages and benefits of becoming licensed?


I'm surprised that you've been working in the industry for almost two years, and don't understand that you "get your license" by passing a basic competency test given by the state.The only "advantage" of having the license, is the possibility of being promoted and taking more responsibility.You can get the licensing information at the CA insurance department website.



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