How Can I Become an Insurance Agent in Orlando?

How Can I Become an Insurance Agent in Orlando?

I currently own my own car dealership and I'-m thinking in becoming an auto insurance because I think it would be beneficial for my business. Now I don'-t have any idea how the insurance industry works. Can someone give me an idea of how I need to start and where I need to go if I want to be an auto insurance agent in orlando, FL?


That's gonna be tough, with no experience in Property/casualty insurance.You'll have to have training, be licensed, and appointed by a company. That's the difficult part.If you go to work for an agency, you can get the training, and maybe the agent will allow you to sell insurance at your dealership.Go to a local independent agency in town. You probably know of some, and discuss your plans with him/her.Source(s):Retired agent, 30 yrs.


I was an insurance agent at one time and had no success with it. The first step would be to evaluate if this is the right opportunity for you. You will have to solicit face to face and even go door to door at times. I was not comfortable with this, especially since it is all commission based and I had to pay for childcare.I now work for a health care discount company and wish I had of found them before spending hundreds of dollars on getting licensed, buying new clothes, paying for childcare etc since it is home based! I call all clients (who request information so no cold calling) from home and do all business on the internet!Good luck!Source(s):


Well, you start at the FL department of insurance website. You have to take a test, and pass it. If/when you pass, you can ask a company to let you sell their insurance. They'll be looking for a committment of at least Eric

my company is hiring, if you want more information e-mail me at [email protected] live in clermont which is just 20-30 minutes away from you

00,000 a year, in premium. You'll have to show which staff members will be dedicated to servicing the book of business.It's HARD to get the appointment.Also, in your case, it's possible that the office for the insurance, would have to be at a seperate address location than the car dealership - I can see you having legal issues, if you ONLY write for people you sell cars to. I can ALSO see you having legal issues, if you REQUIRE, or the purchasers think you are requiring, that they buy the insurance through YOU.Source(s):agent, 21+ years


my company is hiring, if you want more information e-mail me at [email protected] live in clermont which is just 20-30 minutes away from you



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