How can i fix my bumper?

How can i fix my bumper?

I backed my grand marquis and hit a tahoe and it made a deep cut on my back bumper and some scuffs, is there a cheaply way to fix it? I dont want to spend too much painting the whole bumper, is there something i can buy at autozone or waltmart to fix it? If i go to a professional they'-ll just milk my money


A professional isn't going to "milk your money" (if you go to a reputable well known shop)A professional shop has overhead, insurance to pay, employee benefits, etc.It's expensive to run a business.If you want it to look good, take it to have it done right.


Yes, drill some 1/4 holes on each side of the cut bumper and use plastic wire ties to sew itup like a football.I saw this done on a plastic snowmobile windshield up in Vermont one year and thought itwas " da bomb "..... quite clever........Try using matching color plastic wire ties. Thick ones preferably... ie HOME DEPOT...Good Luck


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