How can I get discounts on auto insurance?

How can I get discounts on auto insurance?

I want to know more about auto insurance discounts. I would like to reduce costs so a discount will be nice.


With all due respect, this gets asked many times every day and there's no answer to it... companies can base your rate on your credit history!! Like, someone with bad credit just has to be a bad driver!Just get on that phone and try out a few insurers.


Like any other business, auto insurance companies are in business to make money. They aren't just going to automatically offer you the lowest auto insurance premiums. If you want discounts on auto insurance, you have to take an active role in obtaining a lower rate. While there are many factors that you can't influence, there are some that you can change.Almost every auto insurance provider will give you a discount if your vehicle is equipped with safety devices. If you car doesn't already have one, you can easily install some safety features yourself. Some devices are automatic while others need to be set manually. In some states, insurance companies even offer discounts for window etching.Instead of having several insurance policies with different companies, combine them together at one company. Even if you only own one vehicle, you can get your life or home insurance at the same company to qualify for a multiple policy discount. The more policies you carry with the same insurance company, the greater your discount will be.You can get another discount by purchasing a yearly policy. When you buy a auto insurance policy for six months your premium is likely to raise when the policy is renewed. A year long auto insurance policy will guarantee that you keep the same rate for the entire year. You mileage also has a big effect on your rates, you can get lower rates by driving less.Some auto insurance companies will offer you a discount if you have an affiliation with certain types of organizations. These can include credit unions, fraternities, the military and certain credit cards. You can request a list of the accredited affiliations by calling your auto insurance company.One of the biggest factors in determining your auto insurance premium is your driving record. A history of accidents, tickets and violations can greatly increase the amount you will be charged. A good driving history automatically reduces your insurance premium. And, to reduce it even more you can take a defensive driving course that is approved by the state that you live in.Carrier Insurance(


search the internet for quotes from numerous companies,compare.Source(s):10 yrs in auto sales/mgt.


Switch to Geico and you can save up to 15% on car Insurance!It's so easy a caveman can do it.Source(s)



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