How can i get in-state tuition in AZ from Wai.?

How can i get in-state tuition in AZ from Wai.?

Is there any way that I can get in state tuition for U of A Tucson? I live in Wisconsin


You, and your parents if you are a dependent student, will need to move to AZ and establish it as your permanent residence for at least one year prior to you attempting to enroll in school.


Your parents move to AZ and you move with them for reasons other than your educationlet's say dad's job relocated him to AZ.. there is the non-academic reasony'all live there for 1-2 years, working, paying taxes, and otherwise establishing residency in the state of AZ with all ties to WI being severedthen you could get in-state tuition for AZPer the rules listed on that school's website: If you could, in theory, show that you have been in AZ by yourself for 2 years prior to apply to school... and can also prove fully self-supporting for those 2 years (not claimed on parent's income taxes, not covered on parents health or auto insurance, paying all of your bills on your own, etc) then you could apply for in-state tuition & see if they would allow it……



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