How can I get information about coaching centres of Indian Engineering Services (Civil Engg) ?

How can I get information about coaching centres of Indian Engineering Services (Civil Engg) ?

I am a BE in Civil Engineeering. I want to prepare for ES. I want suggestions about coaching centres for the same.


Elite Academy - Providing correspondence courses for medical entrance exams, IIT-JEE & other engineering entrance exams, GATE, JUC, UGC, MD/MS for PG medical entrance and MBA entrance exams......• Advance Education Center - Offering tutoring facilities to school, college, post graduate students and coaching for professional courses like CA, CS, CFA, ICWA.• Impetus Education Services - Offering coaching classes for MCA, engineering, medical, technical courses, English speaking course, personality development and other professional courses.• Ideas - An institute providing coaching for MD, MS, MDS entrance exams.• Integer Education - Engaged in providing courses related to software development, IT, insurance, finance, medicine and industrial automation.• Account Age Infotech Pvt. Ltd. - Offers job oriented courses in the field of financial accounting, banking, taxation, VAT, excise and TDS.• Top Careers & You - Engaged in offering classroom coaching courses, online courses and postal courses for preparation of MBA, MCA, GRE and GMAT examinations.• Matermind - Coaching for MBA, CAT, GMAT and other management exams in India.• DAMS (Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences) - Coaching institute engaged in offering coaching programmes for medical science and MD/ MS entrance.• Meditech - Engaged in providing coaching for medical/ engineering foundation courses, entrance tests, regular courses and crash courses.• Professional Rating - Provides coaching for online examinations, online certification & employment tests of PUC, MBA, GRE, CAT, IIT, IT, JEE, CET and TOEFL exam with professional affiliate education program.• Trendz Academy Of Fashion - Providing postal and classroom programmes for the preparation of entrance exams of fashion institutes of india such as NID, NIFT, CEED and Symbiosis School of Design.• Insight - A coaching centre providing coaching for standard X, XI, XII and for engineering entrance exams.• Advent Solution - Provides coaching for math, statistics, finance, management, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, engineering, economics to all secondary, undergraduate and post graduate students.• Academy One - Offering coaching and counseling services to help students secure admission to higher education programs at universities in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, and Philippines.• Achievers Point - Provides qualitative study materials & coaching for the GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL and IELTS preparations.• Vision Infinity Ltd. - Provides coaching for the preparation for IIT-JEE, BHU-PMT, CBSE-AIPMT, Olympiads, NTSE & STSE examinations.• Agrawal Classes - Conduct coaching classes for F.Y. Sc., Inter Sc., I.I.T. joint entrance examination, medical and para-medical courses.• Svati Coaching Centre - Offering coaching classes for school students, college students, professional courses, computer courses and english spoken courses.• Vidya Tutorials - Engaged in providing coaching courses for the preparation of CA and computer courses.Source(s):…



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