How can I get Safe auto to give me the money I am entitled to?

How can I get Safe auto to give me the money I am entitled to?

I was recently back into in a parking lot and the car was deemed a total loss. The blue book value is $700 dollars more than they have offered. I have fought them over the phone to settle at the "-fair price"- of $2500. They will not budge. $1775 is all they will satisfy! Please help!!?? It has been over 9 weeks now! I will not except that lousy offer. What is my next step.........Safe Auto shall not win this one.


Well, they don't PAY blue book value. They pay ACTUAL CASH VALUE. Check here: for what a private party sale value for your car is.If this isn't your insurance company, you can always file the claim with your insurance company, but they'll likey pay around the same amount.Your next step, is to sue the at fault driver in small claims court. Then you have to prove to a judge that your car is worth $2500. And Safe Auto will whip out their comparable prices, from local newspapers (they subscribe to a service) and show that the comp is $1775. And you'll get the judgement, for $1775.Source(s):agent, 21+ years



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