How can I reduce my car insurance premiums?

How can I reduce my car insurance premiums?

I have 3 years driving experience (2 named, 1 no claims), I will have 2 years no claims bonus in July.I wish to buy a better can than what I have, something along the lines of a Ford Fiesta Zetec S 1.6, Renaulsport 2.0 172 or MG ZR 1.8 160.I have used every website I can think of - listed all of these are coming out at well over ?1,000 - which I well in excess of what I would like to pay. I currenty pay ?380 per annum for a 1.4 Fiat Bravo.Apart from having my mum as a named driver, low mileage and parking in a secure garage at night, are their any other ways to drive my insurance down?I was thinking of trying the Pay as you Drive from Norwich Union but their website was down when I tried submitting the form.


Become an advanced driver.It can cut your insurance as much as 40% if you get the rospa gold


Well...not knowing anything about insurance in the UK, I can only speak to lowering insurance in the US. Aside from your driving record, the best way to lower your rates is to raise you deductible - Hope that helps!


HI- You have not said how hold you are, it makes a big difference, & you will not benifit on your premiums until you have been driveing for about 4 or 5yrs & iff you insure in gust your name it will be redused, your mum will be able to drive your car on her insurance, but dont have a large payment on your excess an excess of ? 50 to ?100 is ok but anymore & you have an accident the car will never be repaired because of lack of funds be practical,D.F-


Try Post Office,I did and got a cheep insurance and ?50 cash back


Try… they check loads of insurers for the best quote for you.


As well as all the above,agree to increase the excess on your policy (The amount you pay) if you increased it so you paid the first ?500 or more that would reduce your premium. But do remember you do have to pay it if you have a can't have your cake and eat it.


The best way is to spend a lot of time ringing insurance agents in the yellow pages although I have got over 40 years no claim I still spend time doing it every time my insurance is due Ive got mine down to ?150 fully comp And barter one company against another



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