How can I show a PowerPoint slideshow on YouTube as a video with audio?

How can I show a PowerPoint slideshow on YouTube as a video with audio?

I'-m creating a series of presentations about auto insurance liability plans (25/50, 100/300, etc.). I want to show a series of text slides with voiceover narration. My slides are in PowerPoint, but the file doesn'-t translate into video within Windows MovieMaker. Any ideas on how I can put this video online for all to see?


You can't- YouTube only takes specific formats.I suggest using a screen recorder to tape the power point and then upload it.[ Camtasia Studio = ][ HyperCam 2 = ]


YouTube accepts the following video formats:•Windows Media Video (.WMV)•.3GP (cell phones)•.AVI (windows)•.MOV (mac)•.MP4 (ipod/psp)•.MPEG•.FLV (adobe flash)•.MKV (h.264)Actually you have several ways to upload powerpoint with audio to Youtube .1. You can also convert the powerpoint presentation to mp4 or other video formats through slide converting websites like or Here is the detailed instruction:…P.S. some elements in your presentation may lose.2. The most direct way: upload powerpoint to YouTube directly with the software called PPT to YouTube. It can well retain all the elements( audio, video, flash, animations,etc) in your presentation. FREE trial:…


You have to actually make a video recording with you actually presenting the material while being filmed.go for it.



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