How can you cancel State Farm Auto insurance?

How can you cancel State Farm Auto insurance?

I was told I was late with payment in january.I was billed double in April. This doesn'-t make any since.I was not late with payment. But went ahead and payed the bill.How has lowest auto insurance? B/c I really need to change companies.I am being cheated.


Your not being cheated. If you were late in January then they added the January payment to the February bill and billed for January and February. And, it sounds like your running a month behind in your payments so each payment is paying for last month.Call and ask if you missed any payments going back to December. And, it is also possible that if you made a late payment they refunded it back to you. So, ask if any refund checks were sent to you. You can also ask for copies of your bills for the last 6 months. It is right on their computer and they can print them out and fax them to you or mail them to you or email them to you.Then you can see what is happening. If the staff person does not know how to do that then ask for the Agent.There is no reason to cancel. You just need your bill explained. And, their bills can be confusing.


Call your agent and ask these same questions. If you don't like the answers, then just tell them to cancel your account. That's all it takes.But... make sure you have insurance in place from another company before you cancel, or you may get in trouble with the state for having no insurance on your car.


Get all of your cashed check to State Farm together. Tell State Farm you want an audit of your account. Shop for a new insurance company. Get insurance, then cancel the State Farm policy. There are too many things that insurance companies take into consideration to say any one insurance company is best.Source(s):insurance broker



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