How can you get an Insurance Business started in this economical disaster?

How can you get an Insurance Business started in this economical disaster?

Is everyone becoming an Insurance Agent now or are we the only ones left standing because of the industry that we are in? Not sure but Los Angeles, Ca is completely saturated with them and it'-s making it extremely hard to build my book of business out here! Any good "-unique"- marketing tips?


Everyone is required to have auto insurance. And, those homes with mortgages have to have homeowners insurance.You do not say what kind of insurance you are selling. And, are you licensed now or are you planning to become licensed? Do you work for a company or are you independent?Good marketing has not changed. It is going face to face to meet people. Go to religious organizations, condo associations, businesses, gyms and any other place where you can meet people and introduce yourself. You just have to market yourself.There is no magic button. It is still old fashion hard work to get and keep customers.Source(s):Insurance Agent in CA



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Thanks for the answer, it's good to know.I was going to say definently YES, but your already on it. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile, Cograts.Source(s):Ex Ca DMV employee and owner of Alternative Vehicle Registration in Murrieta, Ca.

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She probably moved. Likely, you'll have to go to the State Farm website, and search her out by name - IF she's still even an agent.