How come my name isn't listed on the auto insurance card even though i AM insured?

How come my name isn't listed on the auto insurance card even though i AM insured?

My parents have bought auto insurance but whenever they send the insurance card (proof of insurance), only their names are on there. However, if you look up our policy number, I AM an insured driver. Why is that? How am I suppose to carry an insurance card? Is it because I'-m under 18?


As long as the policy lists you as an additional driver, that's fine. Insurance follows the CAR, not the driver.


Auto insurance in the USA is confusing. The insurance companies say the CAR is insured, when most people think it really should be the DRIVER who is insured.Drivers are not listed on most insurance cards, and as others have said, the cards stay with the car that is insured.But you sound like you are not in the same location as your parents. Do you have a car with you? If so, make sure the card you have lists the car.If you don't have a car, and the insurance is to protect you when legally driving a car not insured by your parents, then you should have your parents check with their insurance agent. Maybe their is another document you should carry with you for when you are driving a rental car, a friend's car, or a work vehicle.While the insurance companies say the car is what is insured, the prices you pay are largely based on the drivers and their age and driving records. Don't think so? A family with two cars will see their prices skyrocket high when they add a 16 year old to the policy. Same cars being insured, but new set of drivers to make the rates go sky high.


You are supposed to carry an insurance card with the name of the owner of the car (your parents?), not your name (unless you own the car). The card with their names is the card that you are supposed to carry.Your name is not on the card because you do not own the car and are merely an insured driver, not the policyholder.


You or your parents should call the insurance company and ask for an insurance card with your name on it.


There are different KINDS of insureds on a policy. The insurance card, lists the NAMED insureds - the people who BOUGHT the policy, pay for the policy, and get the claim check.Insured drivers are NOT listed on an insurance id card.You don't actually carry the card - you leave it in the car with you. And yes, you do show it in case of an accident. No biggie.



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