How do deductible work for auto insurance when you are not at fault?

How do deductible work for auto insurance when you are not at fault?

I was at a shopping mall, I just park my car &- this other guy tried to park his car next to me and made an huge scratch to my car &- quickly ran away. I called cops &- reported to my insurance. They said since I was not in fault they will take care of it. Then they said I have to pay $250 detectable or something like that.I don'-t know what they mean by that.Does that mean I have to pay $250 out of my pocket ? They also providing me with rental car.


Yes it means that you have a $250. deductible on your collision coverage. It means that you will have to pay the first $250. and your insurance will pay the rest. If you got the plate of the culprit, give it to your insurance company. They will attempt to collect from him and if they do collect, your $250. deductible will be returned to you.You need to educate yourself on automobile insurance basics before you find yourself in a insurance/financial mess. Ask your agent to give you a quick "insurance 101" lesson.Source(s):Automobile insurance 101 should be taught right along with drivers education


Your deductible is the portion you pay whenever you make a claim for damages to your vehicle. Kind of like a Co-pay, you will pay that to the provider, in this case, the body shop. Deductibles apply regardless of fault. So even though you aren't at fault, if your insurance pays for your damage, you must cover the deductible.If you were able to get any information on the other vehicle, and if your insurance company can find the owner, they will try to get your deductible back for you.


Whenever your insurance pays for your damages, at fault or not at fault, you always pay your deductible. The insurance company will issue a check payable to you and the body shop for the amount of your damages minus your $250. You will have to pay the body shop your deductible when done.Did you get the license plate or name of the other person who hit you? If so, then your insurance company will go after them for reimbursement of their payment plus your deductible.good luck


If you use your own insurance, then you have to pay the deductible out of your own pocket, because you used your own insurance.When you use your own insurance, it works exactly the same way as when you are at fault.The only way to avoid paying the deductible is to find out who hit your car, and go after that guy, or his insurance company, by yourself, without using your insurance.


Deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay to your auto insurance company out of your own pocket in the event of a claim.Source(s):


You pay the first $250 out of pocket. Insurance pays the rest. The word is deductible.



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