How do I become an admitted insurance broker?

How do I become an admitted insurance broker?

What are the best insurance companies (Auto &- Home primarily) out there? I would like to become an admitted agent. I have my broker’s license already. I have worked under an auto insurance co. for about 5 years, but would like to go into business on my own.What are the good companies, Which companies have good compensation programs? I’ll be working in a good and high risk market, in Los Angeles area …anyone has done this, any suggestions?Thank you in advance for all your assistance!


start net working with reptable insurance companies , net work with the school you recieved license from. try talking to your former instructors,professors etc.Source(s):first hand experience


Not familiar with the Los Angeles area but the bigger more reputable companies out there for Auto and home are the names you see on TV alot. State Farm, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive, MetLife Auto and Home, Liberty Mutual. I would suggest you go to each companies website and click on their career link...OR just walk into one of their agencies and start asking questions. Good LuckSource(s):My job.


You need to get a company to appoint you - and that's mostly through networking.Usually in your shoes, YOU don't get to choose from companies, you're more likely to have to take whoever will take you on. Progressive is a pretty easy one to get into, or any captive agent like State Farm, or Allstate, but then it narrows your options in the long run.



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