How do I completely uninstall Yahoo from my computer?

How do I completely uninstall Yahoo from my computer?

Account InformationAddress BookAnti SpywareAuctionsAutosBargainsBookmarksBriefcaseBusiness FinderCalendarCarsChatDatingDirectoryDriving DirectionsFIFA World CupFinanceGamesGeoCitiesGreetingsGroupsHelpHotJobsImage (search)InsuranceJobsMailMapsMessengerMusicNewsNews (search)NotepadPersonalsPeople SearchPhotosPop-Up BlockerRadioSearchShoppingSpyware RemovalSportsStock QuotesToolbarTranslationTravelVideo (search)WalletWeatherWorldAvatarsEntertainmentMy YahooRogers Yahoo!Y! InternationalI don'-t know which one you use,most of these web based,try to log on yahoo from your friend or somewhere else,see still you have problem,maybe your PC.(I see your 1st ? you say I can not able to send any mail)to use these service you don'-t need use your computer.ask more ? in detail someone could help you..Good luck.


go to start then setting then control panel then add and remove programs.............


go to start then setting then control panel then add and remove programs.............


Just Shut Down your internet connection, You'll Uninstall Yahoo! in that way.


Go to contol panel, click on add/remove program, then select all Yahoo one by one from the list of installed programs, then click remove to uninstall.After this is done, you can go to search on the start menu to search if there are still some yahoo folders/files still on the computer. You can then delete this folders/files manually from your computer.


Lara 123 is the way to do it :-)


completely uninstall Yahooclick on start/control paneladd/removelook in the list for yahoo messengerclick on it once then click onremovethen put a dot in customuninstallkeep clicking onselect alland next make you you keep clicking onselect all and nextthen yahoo messenger will becompletely uninstall


go to start & then click on my computer & to the left it will have a heading of add or remove programs , then select remove


go to add/remove programs & remove yahoo then go to c:/programfiles/yahoo! & delete it



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