How do I get a real lawyer position after working as a contract (temp) attorney?

How do I get a real lawyer position after working as a contract (temp) attorney?

I am toiling in contract attorney hell at a large firm in downtown Los Angeles. Someone give me some advice on how to pull myself out of this situation. For those who have been in my spot, tell me how you got out, especially if you pursued a profession change.


I was in your spot, only in the Chicago area, 1993. I did not want to go with a temporary agency, because I detest any hint of corporate life. So, I became an independant contractor attorney. I paid for my own insurance, and my own benefits. I drew up brochures saying that I wanted to get my foot in the door and would do just about anything to learn how to be a lawyer. I mass mailed these to firms in Chicago and suburbs. I got lots of responses. Small firms that did not want to deal with temp agencies liked my idea.I drafted a contract for each job. Each job had a negotiated price per hour or per project. For me the importance was not getting tied down because my goal was opening up my own firm. I would contract on a per month, per week, or per project basis. Either party could stop me working there with very little notice.I received offers to stay with some of the firms. I think the reason was because I would literally do any task in the office. One firm I worked at had this major trial going on and just before the first day the executive secretary - who had done all the typing - got real sick. I pitched in and did her work. I wasn't asked to do that, I saw a need and made an offer. Yes, it was kind of strange to do secretarial work, but the firm needed things done.I delivered things to judges, I filed pleadings/motions with courts, I called courts to get information. I looked for those things that needed to be done, but that no one wanted to do --and did them with a smile. I once was assigned to key in initial pleadings for a PI firm -- hundreds of auto accidents. I created a template on the computer that held the entire pleading. All the person had to do was enter names, and take out clauses that were not applicable.I will tell you it is not easy to not blurt out 'that is not what I went to law school for' or to smile and be pleasant when you feel taken advantage of.In 1999 I took on a long term contract with a firm that did the type of law I enjoyed. They considered me an employee, all my extra efforts became expected and unappreciated. In 2001 I opened up my own law firm. It is better than anything I could have dreamed of.My advice is to decide what you want to do. Pick an area of law that you love. Then work as hard as you can. Do more and more than what is expected. Be eager to take on any task, do any job just to learn. Work to impress the bosses with 100% accuracy, a great attitude, and hard work. If those bosses do not hire you maybe they will pass your name around -- that is how I get most of my clients even today, from those who saw my work ethic. Good luckSource(s):Illinois Employment Attorney:


asap go to ( get your paralegal degree and then become the lawyer you want to be!goodluck!



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