How do I get him to pay for auto damages?

How do I get him to pay for auto damages?

I was rearended in a pkg lot and my vehicle now has $4200 of damages. The person that hit me'-s insurance was cancelled 1 day before the accident. My car is 9 yrs old and I only carry liability, What is his responsibility? Do I need a lawyer? Thanks.


If you have proof that the other driver was cancelled (i.e., a letter from his company), you can claim under your Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage--it you carry it. Then your company can try to recover, but if they do, they won't pay you twice!An alternative is small claims court- most states have them. The cost to file in usually quite reasonable--under $50--and you don't need a lawyer. Just show your evidence. A word of caution here, though--even if you get a judgement in small claims, you may not be able to enforce it. Try the UMPD under your own policy first- the company has a lot more resources--and clout.Source(s):30 years as an agent


If it was his fault, just file a claim with your insurance company and they will sort it all out.



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