How do I get my dad to move out?

How do I get my dad to move out?

I know this is quite long, but I really need help.I am almost 14.My dad and I have never had a very good relationship. He'-s an insane alcoholic and a heavy smoker. He has multiple diseases such as amyloidosis, cryoglobulinemia, auto-immune diseases, and deficiencies such as low platelets. I don'-t believe that this has any relevance, but he does. My mom and him hide his alcoholism from the doctors and insurance agencies, and I'-m sure that my parents hide a lot from my sister and I. He is on a lot of medication which makes him extremely slow and I believe it has lowered his IQ.My dad and I fight a lot. I'-ve thrown up before because he makes me so sick. Some of the things that he says to me makes me extremely depressed and dispirited thoughts have resulted from this.He calls me a b*tch almost every day.He'-s told me to go f*ck myself multiple times.He'-s slapped me before (definitley not often or in the face, plus he'-s so weak that I barely felt it)He'-s told me that I'-m never going to find a man and that I will die alone.He told me that he wishes that I'-d jump in front of a highway (implying that he wishes I would die?)He tells my 15 year old sister that he wishes she'-d move out when she turns 16.He'-s even told me that he'-s hated me before.If these are supposed to be jokes to him, I don'-t get them.My sister has the same view as me on my dad, but personalities clash more with my dad and I rather than my dad and my sister. My dad and I fight more than they do. The differences are that she has friends that can drive. She'-s popular in her grade so she'-s always welcome somewhere. I have enough friends, but I don'-t want to be a burden on my best friend. She'-s my only friend that I feel comfortable discussing this with. She has chrons disease and isn'-t doing very well, so I feel like I shouldn'-t be calling her when I need this help.I am a very studious student and I appreciate my sleep. My dad is asleep and awake at bizarre times. When I come home from school, he is usually passed out on the sofa. He sleeps all day, and he is up all night. He makes his dinner around 12:00 in the morning, waking up the entire house in the process. I am a very light sleeper, so whenever he comes in from the garage where he spends most of his life, I can hear him. This happens every single night- including school nights.I'-m sure that I'-ve made my dad sound bad, which I think he is. I freak out on him a lot. The worst I'-ve told him was that I'-ve hated him, which I'-m not especially proud of. I'-ve asked my mother to make a therapist appointment for months now, and she says that she'-ll get to it, but she'-s just so busy with her job that she can never remember.My mom- I love her to death. My parents have been divorced since before I was born. My dad lived in Tulsa for a long time, then moved back in with my mom, my older sister, and I when I was young. I'-ve recently asked my mom why she let him back in, and she told me that she was afraid that he would kill her if she didn'-t. My dad was about to move out before he got sick, and after that, my mom felt a little sorry for my old, sick father and she just couldn'-t kick him out.When I fight with my dad, my mom tells me to get out of the house, but my dad never wants me to leave, which I don'-t understand. I usually try to walk to my best friends house down the street and vent to her, but that doesn'-t fix much, besides getting away for a few hours.I remember years ago, my mom took my sister and I to a nearby hotel so we could escape from my dad. I remember how he would try to lock us all in the house so we couldn'-t leave, but we finally got out of the house and stayed at the hotel, and it was a school night. This has happened a few times before.I just want him out. I can'-t live with him for the remainder of my life in this household. I could care less where he goes, as long as he'-s no longer apart of my life. I'-ve had sucidial thoughts. I'-m not an attention seeker- my dad makes me feel lesser than my potential.This, is just so little of what my dad is. I feel like I'-ve written enough already, but I just don'-t know what to do anymore. How do I get him to leave? Should I call social services?


You need to call social services.


cal social services he is the scum of the earth


If it honestly is that bad, and you're sure he will be forced to leave, then yes. If you aren't sure, I wouldn't call because he'll only get madder.


Yes you need to call ! he is verbally abusing you by calling you names .. call social services.. im pretty sure he will be put out! you are 14 and you shouldnt be going thru this


call them....nobody should have to deal with that bullshit. ur mom isnt helping matters either by allowing him to do that stuff...its enabling his bad behavior


well run away with your mom and your sister go to the police and tell them what happened.latertravel not so far away,but if your dad wants revenge and escapes from prison.......RUN FOR IT!!!travel more.try going in to a town instead of a city.PS.Im using my mothers account.PPS.Im a 12.



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