How do i go about taking my car from england to Israel ?

How do i go about taking my car from england to Israel ?

Im assumeing there must be some form of boat company that can do it ?


I brought my car and although I have other things I would wish on my worst enemy, bringing my car to Israel is worthy of at least a short, and very expensive, story.First, everyone said not to bring the car. I, however, needed really good reasons other than I could get a good car in Israel, and that it was a 'problem' to bring one's car. I needed details. If you do too, read on.Next, I asked the shipper to calculate the car taxes and he did. However, he didn't tell me what the VAT was. Now I assume Value Added Tax is 'taxes' and was included. Much to my surprise my tax bill was 50% higher. The VAT is 17% on theinflated Israel value of the car. Yes, the customs taxes is computed on a depreciated value, but a depreciated value from the Israeli value, not the US value. My 2001 Mitsubishi Galant 2.4L was valued in Israel at twice what I paid for it in the states in 2002. I decided based on incomplete information to bring the car. I didn't know yet that it is as if you bought your car new in Israelas far as the valuation goes.Next, to get the car into the container I had to drive it to gas on fumes and then the shipper arranged for a flat-bed tow truck to put it into the container.I make Aliyah while my car is somewhere on the Atlantic.Next, I need to get an Israeli licence in order to take possession of my car. I needed to have at least one driving lesson in order to be allowed to take the test. I take lessons ($$$) and take the test ($$).My container is getting close to arriving. The shipper tells me I need a letter from the main auto repair for my car in Jerusalem to give a letter saying they will maintain my car. My Mitsubish is not sold in Israel. Yes, there are 2000 Mitsubishi Galants but not 2.4L, and this is a 'problem'. I must sign a letter for repair shop that I will wait for parts to come into the country, up to 2+ months, plus other statements.I need an insurance binder on the car to pick it up. I get the required insurance, but not comprehensive because there's a 'problem'. Israel doesn't have my car (2001 Mits Galant 2.4L) and doesn't know how to value it for insurance. That, and the fact that insurance requires repair and how can they know how much parts might cost.The container arrives, I get my furniture, I pay the car taxes, the shipper clears the car and I take a bus to Ashdod to pick it up at a warehouse. The car starts, but the 'service engine soon' light comes on and stays on. This despite my having spent $2500 to do anything and everything to have car in good repair before Israel. I drive directly from Ashdod to Mitsubishi service. Chink, chink. $$$ to fix.Next, I need to insure the company for comprehensive. First, I need to drive to TelAviv and pay $$$ to have someone (and apparently only this one person in Israel is capable of doing this) give a value to the car.Next, I have to register (known as the license for the car) the car. First I go to Misrad HaRishui (only open mornings for this function) and get a form which I take to old Misrad HaRishui who tells me I must get it inspected first ($). I go to the local approved garage who tests my car and says I need side blinkers. I go to a repair shop and get standard blinkers ($$$). I go back the garage which tells me I must go back to old Misrad HaRishui for their signature. Old Misrad HaRishui now tells me I need the VIN (vehicle ID No) imprinted on my chassis. They send me to another local garage where I get the number imprinted on the chassis ($$). Now old Misrad HaRishui signs it and I go back to I go back to new Misrad HaRishui to get their signature. I ask for the plates, and am told the garage gives them. I go back to garage for plates, but I have not paid for the plates so I have to find a post office (on strike that day) or a bank (where I paid 5 shekels for the privilege) to pay my car registration/license bill - at an annual cost of $$$. I go back to the garage (4th visit if you were counting) and get my plates put on.Next, the insurance agent, who was reluctant to get involved with the comprehensive, says the comprehensive insurer wants my car to have additional security. I have to go to get a security code keypad put on the car ($$). Luckily it is an insurance approved installer and I only have to have the form faxed directly to the insurance agent. Almost two months after getting my car it is insured for comprehensive.So, I bought my car once in 2002 , and bought it again ,for slightly more when all is included, in Israel in 2005. A lot of money and aggravation, a lot of running around, and a lot of time.Bringing a car into Israel is like everything else. If Israel considers it a 'problem' (of course unless they are collecting the taxes), it is a 'problem'. Solutions are rarely mentioned, at least initially.Hatzlachah with whatever your decision is!Buying Cars in Israel vs. Importing from AbroadClick here to see one Oleh's comprehensive list of 6-7 seat passenger cars.Buying a Car in Israel:An Oleh is entitled to buy a car in Israel at a reduced tax rate, within three years after making Aliyah. If the Oleh wishes to sell the car within five years, they will be obligated to pay back the amount of the reduction received at the time of purchase.The tax on these cars is:50%+ VAT on all vehicles ([car value + (car value *50%)] *15.5%VAT) irrespective of engine size or car’s country of origin.This compares to the taxes which Israelis have to pay (when buying from car dealer):78%+ VAT ([car value + (car value *78%)] *15.5% VAT) for European and American cars85%+ VAT ([car value + (car value *85%)] *15.5% VAT) for Japanese carsIn order to buy a new car with your Oleh benefits, you need to:Find a car dealer and pick the car that suits your needs.Give the car dealer your Teudat Oleh, an Israeli driver's license (acquired via the transfer of a foreign driver's license), your driver's license from your country of origin (which was issued at least three months prior to your entry to Israel), foreign passport with Aliyah visa, and your Teudat Zehut.The car dealer will send all the documentation to Meches (The Customs Authority), and within 10 days your car should be released to you, with the reduced tax benefit.Buying a Car "PASSPORT TO PASSPORT"Olim who wish to sell their car within five years of the date of purchase and not incur a penalty may do so by selling their car to another Oleh, in a process called "passport to passport." The seller and buyer have to go to the local office of the Customs Authority (you may find a list at the bottom of this webpage: ). The Customs Authority will determine the final value of the car and whether there are any additional taxes. The buyer has to present a valid Israeli driver’s license and their Teudat Oleh. A new five-year restriction on selling the car will begin the day the car is listed on the buyer’s name.Importing a Car to IsraelOlim are entitled to import a car from any country, up to three years after their date of Aliyah. The shipment does not count as one of their three tax-free shipments.The tax on these cars is:50%+ VAT on all vehicles ([car value + (car value *50%)] *15.5%VAT) irrespective of engine size or car’s country of origin.Valuation:The valuation is based on the car value in the global market, as determined by the Israeli Customs Authority. The value of the car depreciates according to the following chart:Olim can bring in a car of any age, though the importer must provide a letter from a certified garage in Israel guaranteeing they will provide service.Title:You must have a clear title to the car. If it is leased orif there is some controversy regarding ownership, it will not be allowedto leave the UK. The entire contents of your shipment may be held up until the matter is resolved or until thecar is removed from the container.In order to clear the car through the Customs Authority in Israel, you need:An Israeli driver's license (acquired via the transfer process for a valid foreign driver's license that was issued at least three months prior to your arrival in the country).A personal import license from the Ministry of Transportation. This will be granted based either on the car appearing on the list of approved cars OR based on a letter from the commercial importer of that brand. The letter must state that the importer agrees to provide service to the car, though the customer may be required to pay for the service and wait for parts. In order to get such a letter, you must contact the importer directly with the full model number and chassis number.Active "bituach hova" - third party insurance on the car.A clear title to the car.The purchase invoice.Confirmation that the car has passed local safety requirements. This usually means changing the location of the signal lights.All the documents required in order to use your Oleh benefits, if you have them: Teudat Oleh, Teudat Zehut, passport with Aliyah visa, etc.Shipping a Car:Most cars are shipped in containers. They can be shipped in thesame containers as household goods. A supporting wall isconstructed around and sometimes on top of the car, to ensure that the caris strongly secured in place. At the time of clearing, the car istaken out of the container and cleared separately. It is not agood idea to fill the car with household goods, since thatcomplicates the clearing process.Marine Insurance:Most marine policies require that a statement of condition be signedby both the packers and the customer. Some insurance companies will notinsure used cars except in case of total loss.



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