How do I owe AIG Auto insurance money?

How do I owe AIG Auto insurance money?

They keep calling me and saying I owe them money for a insurance for a 1967 Camaro that I never paid in 1979 before I was born. They verified I was born after 1979 but I still owe them money. What can I do to make this bill go away with out paying any more for it.


Nobody would be calling you about a bill due 30 years ago. If you don't owe them money, then don't pay them AND don't give them any personal information because they may be trying to steal your identity.


Likely, either it's bogus, or they have you confused with someone else.Under the fair credit reporting act, you are entitled to notice in writing from them, as to the details on the debt.But if it's from 1979, almost 20 years ago, then they're barking up the wrong tree.


Sounds like a scam.If they are saying the money is for premium's a scam.Here's how premium works -you pay for the coverage period BEFORE the period happens. If you don't pay, you don't get coverage.For example: Your policy period is 1/1/09-- 6/1/09. You will get a bill in late 11/08- 12/08 telling you how much to pay. If you pay it, you have insurance from 1/1/09--6/1/09. If you do not pay it - your insurance cancels and no coverage is provided from 1/1/09--6/1/09.Next time they call - ask for their name, phone number, address. Then call the department of insurance for your state and let them know what is going on. The state DOI is the highest regulatory body for insurance companies.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster 12 years


Sounds like a scam... find out the number they are calling from and report it to the police.



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