How do I provide car insurance info for car loan?

How do I provide car insurance info for car loan?

I just applied to a car loan from a credit union and was pre-approved (I don'-t own a car currently). To finalize the process, I am required to provide an auto insurance policy number. How the heck am I supposed to do that? I'-m getting the loan, so I can buy a car and buy insurance... buying the car insurance will be specific to the car I end up getting, how do they expect me to jump to the last step in the process? This is my first time doing this and I'-m a little confused, so I will appreciate any help.


Ask them.


Visit a car insurance agent & ask him - There has to be a way, because you're not the first guy to do this. My car insurance company, State Farm, covers me for a day or two when I get a new car, until I get time to get the info to them.


Talk to the one in charge and have your concern verified. There might be some discrepancies that they need to attend to.


if you have a local agent just have them call the dealer if there is no dealer and you are buying from a private party get the vin (serial number) and buy the policy then give the dealer or credit union the binder number along with the name and phone of the agent or company


go online or call an agent and apply for a policy. talking to a real person will make it easier. tell them you need to be approved up front and get a waiver policy that covers you until your purchase is final.



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