How do I travel across the US with nothing but what I have in my car?

How do I travel across the US with nothing but what I have in my car?

My goal is to ultimately not have a destination for the next year or so. I just want to travel from city to city until I get tired of it. Also, I just want to work as a bartender wherever I end up because that line of work is always readily available. What tips or advice would help me not to get scammed or left broke or flat busted?


first, get a van. The Dodge has an extra 6 inches of width and allows a double bed to be put across the rear. You can set up a nice platform for the bed and keep most of your gear underneath. With power cords, and electric blanket and heater you have your home away from home in a pinch. No hotel fees means more money for you.I have done this a couple of times during the winter. I moved from Ski Resort to Ski resort and it worked great. Friends would let me park in their driveway and run a power cord out to the Van. Just used their shower and that left me money to buy the occaisonal dinner for the friends.Rethink the bartender thing. Landing a good Bartender gig is not as easy as it used to be. It can be done but don't expect to walk right into a gig.Last but not least.. Get a AAA auto club card. Lots of good info and discounts at just about everywhere. Free maps and advice on camp grounds, attractions, rules of the road, cheap insurance, medical etc. Really worth the money.HAVE FUN!



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