How do mexicans look for auto insurance in Mexico?

How do mexicans look for auto insurance in Mexico?

When you live in Mexico, do people use yellow pages, local independent agents, online do they go by buying auto insurance?Also, what is their biggest problem when coming to the usa and looking for auto insurance, aside from the language barrier?Are the coverage similar, do they have a trust problem, etc..what would be the most helpful thing a US insurance company could do for them?Thanks for your help.


Auto insurances are a bit cheaper here in mexico... most banks and insurance companies offer auto insurances. Here in Mexico, most banks are in every state, so they have nationwide customers, and brochures can be found in every bank.Auto insurances are also advertised on TV, radio, online, yellow pages, but most of the time, people already know the names of the companies, and they would just ask for a quotation by telephone.It is not mandatory to have an insurance here, so a lot of people (mostly poor people who cant afford insurance) wont have oneI drive a 2006 Toyota Rav4 and I pay around 1000USD/ year for my auto insurance with inbursa ( I did, most people will go to the bank and just buy the insurance there.When coming to the US there are a bunch of scenarios, mainly:1) if I were to drive all the way there, I would have no problem and I understand that my insurance has coverage.... but it is too far anyhow.2) when renting a car.. no problem, just get the insurance too.Language barrier,,, hmmmm, yes probably, but most people that can afford it would be able to understand what ur selling.Of course that there are people that doesnt speak english in need for an auto insurance.



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