How do to set up a business type landline system like in allstate insurance?

How do to set up a business type landline system like in allstate insurance?

We have small business and we have 4 different numbers for office, reception, dormitory, and cafe. Our monthly bill is a bit too much. We want to set up a system like press 1 for office, press 2 for cafe, etc. What is this system called and how do we get it?We are on PLDT


You call your local telephone company.


I think you have asked this question in the wrong section.You would need to buy a phone system, and there are many available for small business, and probably great deals can be found in the used market as well. (Lots of obsolete but usable equipment available.)The first question you need to ask yourself is how many trunk lines do you need? How many people are on the phone at the same time? The phone company is likely going to charge these as “business” trunk lines, so the cost is more than residential.For example, if you have three employees, could they all be on the phone at the same time? And do you need a fax line? What about a voice mail system?Most small phone systems also have the option of an auto attendant, so the caller can self direct his call according to the menu. (Press 2 for sales, etc.)This is an area of rapidly changing technology. Your phone system may require you to use the telephones that come with that system. Frequently, they are not interchangeable with other systems.And do you want analogue phones? Digital phones? Or some phones are hybrids combining both digital and analogue.Another option to consider is a VoIP system, which is Voice Over Internet Protocol. This does not use any phone lines at all. No bill from the phone company. It is entirely over your Internet connection. It is similar to Skype, except much higher quality, and uses real telephones. It is like the “high-def” version of phone systems.I worked at an insurance company that had a VoIP phone system, and it was really nice. The quality was great. No problems. The other cool thing about a VoIP phone system is portability. So if I wanted to work from home for the day, I could just answer all my calls at home. You have the option of either using a “soft phone,” meaning it is just software running on your home computer, or you can buy a “hard phone,” which you then just plug into your RJ-45 internet connection on your router at home. And it is totally seamless. The caller has no idea you are at home.



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