How do you conduct a system study for the below mentioned case and prepare a Preliminary Investigation Report?

How do you conduct a system study for the below mentioned case and prepare a Preliminary Investigation Report?

ABC Ltd. Is a Kolkata based organization dealing with computer peripherals.For this purpose they import various components from various locations outside the State but within the country and deliver them within Kolkata only. However the existing inventory management system is manual till date.You are appointed by the company as a system analyst who will study the existing system and will recommend suggestions for improvisation of the existing manual system as well as other necessary steps leading to the automation of the existing system. answer within 2200-2500 words.


This is obviously a ficticious scenario since for companies to be able to compete in this industry, they have to have a computer system to keep track of customer orders, vendor orders, inventory, what's in supply chain pipeline, cash flow, etc. etc. to be able to react at Internet speed.However, it is true that some companies with computer systems hire people & do not provide adequate training in the system, so they devolve to a manual system by the people supposed to be using the computers.Depending on the nature of the company work ... is it purely distribution of components purchased, then resold, or is there some assembly required, meaning some kind of manufacturing software needed that differentiates the purchased parts from what they are assembled into.So basically the analyst gets a true picture of the enterprise, by visiting all the offices, all the people, all the stuff, to determine the kind of business they REALLY are in, to nail down what kind of software they REALLY need.Then there is the selection of software to do the job, that also has limitations like* do not spend any money on computer security zip nada zero, because we only want to operate the company until a computer breach makes us go bankrupt, then we will collect on our insurance & go out of business* whatever new system we get, we need to be able to scan in the old manual records to start off the new systemThe implementation involves training the staff in the new system, so that in a couple years history has not repeated with the staff back to using manual systems because no one is being trained in the computer system



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