How do you drive traffic to your website using youtube or myspace?

How do you drive traffic to your website using youtube or myspace?

I'-m trying to get more people to my website It has free tips on how to lower your auto insurance premiums. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.Thanks


Try my marketing guide site…You will find all kinds of ideas here!Good luck!


Hi,Increase your Website Traffic for Free- Social Media optimizations...check out the Blog for some tips to drive the traffic..……


You are off to a great start.Source(s):


Here's my suggestion. I think you need to evaluate your site before you generate traffic to it. You seem to want to share advice on insurance savings. That's great! People are searching for options. You have a great niche. Your site is more like an article/ezine or press release. At seems as though you generate an income from pay per click ads. Before you generate traffic, I would suggest that you expand the content of your site. This will keep people on your site and will widen your net, increasing traffic and ranking on the internet. It can also help you to expand your pay per click income. If you would like some free advice, feel free to email me with any questions.BEST WISHES & HAPPY HOLIDAYS!



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