How does auto insurance work in Canada?

How does auto insurance work in Canada?

I just recently moved to Calgary from Toronto and I really need a car. I'-m really confused about the whole car insurance thing. I'-m 21 years old with G2 license and I'-m currently on a family plan with my parents and I pay only a $100 every month( my parents live in Toronto). I can'-t afford insurance on my own it'-s going to be very expensive.My question is can I still stick to the family plan that I have right now and buy/ rent a car in Calgary? I have no idea about how this whole insurance thing works.


You can rent a vehicle in Calgary all you like (it's bloody expensive though assuming you can find a rental company to rent to a 21 year old). You can also purchase a vehicle as well, however you will need to insure it in Alberta since: a) no insurer in Ontario is going to insure a vehicle registered outside of Ontario (never mind insure a vehicle on your parent's policy which is not in your parents' name) and b) Alberta Ministry of Transportation will not accept Ontario insurance as proof of insurance to plate a vehicle in Alberta. So either rent or use public transportation. BTW you're suppose to change your driver's license over to an Alberta license within 90 days of moving to Alberta.


Depending on provincial regulations, some provinces won't let you get insurance from out of that province, nor can you keep your Ontario license plate while residing in Alberta (it's insurance fraud and illegal). So if you can't afford to get your own car insurance in Alberta, then you can't afford to get a car. As for renting, it will usually run you at least $200/week and that does NOT include the daily $10-25 insurance on there.



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