How does auto insurance work in this situation?

How does auto insurance work in this situation?

I currently have two cars, a Toyoya and a Galant. My auto insurance will be renewed starting Feburary 1st which is in in about 2 days. I really think I will sell both cars w/in the next few wks(Toyota has high mileage and the Galant uses alot of gas) for a more fuel efficient car like a Honda. Is it possible to change automobiles in the middle of a coverage period? I'-m not sure how it works. This is my 1st time with my own insurance. Thanks for the clarification!


Yes you can do this. When you get the new car you just bring in the cars information and tell them you want to switch the insurance to the new car. it is easy and it should not cost anything if you are up to date on your payments. You may get the new paperwork and cards on the old cars, but the insurance company will just make a new one with your new car on it instead of the old one and mail you a new card and paperwork. The place you pay at if you have the office in your town will give you a temporary card until they make up the real one, and you can use the temporary card until you get the real one.


It depends on what company you're with, but you SHOULD just be able to swap one car for another.The rate will probably be a little different, but the policy number should remain the same. They'll also have to send you an updated liability card to reflect the change in vehicles.



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