How does car insurance work in Canada BC? (read description)?

How does car insurance work in Canada BC? (read description)?

How does it work, for I'-ve been told you can only go with government ones ICBC? or BCAA?is that true, I'-m just confused on this all.And if so, then does every new driver pay close to the same amount as other new drivers (can you give me an estimate of how much you paid?). (Is it where the cars parked/which type of car/ which country the cars built? two door?)Also can you tell how much these to cars would cost to fill a tank of gas in this day an age.Honda civic 19951989 BMW 735iLThanks (Five starts for answering most my questions)


The government auto insurer in B.C. is the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). BCAA is the British Columbia Automobile Association, which is something different. There are mandatory coverages that all B.C. registered vehicles must carry. A description of the basic coverages can be found at the first link below. The mandatory coverages MUST be purchased from ICBC through an Autoplan agent (there are hundreds throughout the province). In addition there are optional coverages that can be purchased. These include such things as higher liability limits, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage and other coverages. A description of these coverages can be found at the second link. These coverages can be purchased through ICBC or through a private insurer (BCAA is an example of a private insurer but there are many others). In some cases it's best to purchase the optional coverages through ICBC, in some cases it's better to purchase them through a private insurer. Almost all Autoplan agents have access to one or more private insurers, so they can advise you best for your situation.Every new driver does not pay the exact same amount as the premium can vary depending on: the vehicle- your Claims Rated Scale discount/surcharge- the vehicle you are insuring- the use of the vehicle- where exactly in B.C. you live. If you want to quote on a specific vehicle then you should contact a local Autoplan agent and ask them for a quote. You can use the third link to find one near you.Source(s):



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