How does insurance work when driving another persons' car?

How does insurance work when driving another persons' car?

If I'-m driving another persons'- car which has insurance on it (but I don'-t own a car or have auto insurance) and there is an accident, will the persons'- car insurance cover it. Also, is it legal to drive that car since its insured already (even though I don'-t own insurance myself). Please don'-t guess...


It depends entirely on the individuals policy. For instance, with my parents allstate they have it so that anyone over 25 or married is covered when they drive the car. However, with my brother's safeauto, only he could drive his car. The person with the car would need to carefully check their policy.


These are actually two separate issues.If the car has insurance, the law is satisfied. Period.As to whether you are covered, I woul ask if you drive this car regularly. If you do, you will need to be listed on that other person's insurance. If you occasionally borrow the car with the owner's permission, you shoulc be fine.Source(s):Claims adjuster.


I think that this will depend on the state you live in. In NC you are not able to register a car without insurance hence making it illegal to drive it in the first place.If you are the drives of a car (even if it has insurance) your insurance will be the one covering the accident. So you need to check what your insurance covers. If they do not cover you while in other vehicles then you will be full responsible for any damages done to the vehicle you are driving.


I have checked into this myself. My son-in-law (not on my insurance) is driving one of my cars. As long as he has my permission he is covered. I have Progressive. Not sure how other insurance companies are. Now if the OTHER person says you weren't authorized for some reason there could be a problem.


If you had permission to drive this person's vehicle, then their insurance will cover the loss as long as there was active coverage at the time. This is called "permissive use" in the industry.Now if the policy for the vehicle you were driving specifically excludes any drivers other then those listed on the policy, then they will not cover the loss and you will be pursued personally for the damages from the other party involved....meaning sued!Source(s):insurance adjuster for a major company



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